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Those precious few seconds.


So many websites you see suffer from priority, organizational and structural problems, even those created by experienced upscale website designers. Many designers often don’t fully grasp or execute the critical first priority of revealing your all-important benefits to your audience with instant clarity and focus. These issues conspire to create a negative first impression and at the very least make your website difficult to coherently navigate.


With so much riding on your first impression created in precious few seconds, your business cannot afford to have potential customers sweep away feeling frustrated or worse. Consumers are sometimes fickle, but they are more often just fed up.


Many designers are more concerned with winning beauty awards than in your business success. Obviously we are all attracted to beauty, but draped over a vapid, badly written, poorly organized structure, you won’t win the bookmarks, attention and customers you work so hard for. Attractive is “Attractive,” however the greater gravity is created by: ”Say what you mean and mean what you say.” Your website might have that same simple clarity and intention. Great design is fresh air and illumination to form/function; never self-serving.